The Sustainable Housing Action Partnership (SHAP) is a not-for-profit organisation that brings together key thinkers and leaders in the West Midlands interested in the housing sector: housing associations, local authorities, businesses and the third sector.

SHAP helps members scale up the delivery of net zero and low carbon homes, both new-build and retrofit. – Join SHAP

  • We are an independent network of innovators and leaders working in public and private organisations across a range of disciplines involved in the housing sector.
  • Our Members collaborate on peer-to-peer initiatives including research and training.
  • Our approach is to share good practice/evidence leading to smarter working.
  • Our objective is to use a value for money approach to achieve the best possible long-term outcomes for the housing sector and the communities we serve.

What makes SHAP unique?

There are very few network organisations within the Midlands or UK that contain such a diverse membership. SHAP’s uniqueness lies in its ability to tackle housing issues drawing on representation and input from private, public, third sector and academia; this includes local authorities and other public bodies, social housing providers, contractors, consultants, suppliers and manufacturers offering services to the housing sector.

SHAP’s open policy encourages a range of partners to collaborate and understand the issues that each face which allows big society problems to be more easily resolved. Members freely provide time, money and information to help the development of good practice / innovative responses to housing issues, creating open discussion and benefiting from collective research.

Our Work

We provide leadership through research and dissemination on sustainable housing issues and opportunities to audiences in the West Midlands and nationally.


  • Co-ordinate responses to Government consultations
  • Maximise the value of ECO and other housing and housing infrastructure investment for the West Midlands
  • Research emerging issues on topics identified by partners
  • Disseminate findings of research and share case studies
  • Deliver best practice events and networking

Our supporters say SHAP  “is the place to be” for the housing sector.

SHAP gives us a ‘safe haven’ to learn and to share risk and rewards, giving us the confidence to go for it

David Hannon, Development Director, Rooftop Housing

SHAP has offered me/my organisation networking and new business opportunities – Helen Trott, One Efficiency Ltd.

A big fan of ours