About Us

The Sustainable Housing Action Partnership (SHAP) is a not-for-profit organisation made up of an independent network of innovators and leaders working in public and private organisations across a range of disciplines involved in the housing sector. Our Members include housing associations, local authorities, businesses and third sector organisations.

SHAP has a track record of supporting individual stockholders to develop their low carbon housing/placemaking strategies, programmes and projects. We work closely with Asset Managers to move beyond dealing with compliance issues and start thinking strategically about decarbonisation; supporting them to navigate the complex, fast-moving and sometimes overwhelming changing net zero landscape.

SHAP Model

SHAP gives us a ‘safe haven’ to learn and to share risk and rewards, giving us the confidence to go for it

David Hannon, Development Director, Rooftop Housing

SHAP has informed and influenced our decision-making when working with RPs, energy companies and suppliers – Steve Morgan, Wates

A big fan of ours