SHAP has informed and influenced our decision-making when working with RPs, energy companies and suppliers – Steve Morgan, Wates

SHAP gives us a ‘safe haven’ to learn and to share risk and rewards, giving us the confidence to go for it! – David, Development Director, housing association

SHAP’s work on Greendeal has been instrumental in shaping legislation and helping social housing providers and local authorities understand what they need to do – Richard Bains, bcha

Understanding the regional perspective and supply chain partner thoughts and case studies helps our business make informed choices on market opportunities and growth – Paul Dockerill, nexhi.co.uk

Great event! Very good opportunity to get together and share information – Carl Yale, Lovells.

SHAP has offered me and my organisation networking and new business opportunities – Helen Trott, One Efficiency Ltd

SHAP brings wider discussion on important topics – Cliff Horrocks, WHG

Just a great forum to meet the right people – Paul, Eco2solar

By offering informed research and information and collective sharing of relevant work, SHAP has influenced our decision-making – John Bedford, Accord Housing Group