SHAP published the emerging findings in 2018 for three linked pieces of research that are intended to assist West Midlands Local Authorities, Housing Associations and their strategic partners to improve outcomes from investment in housing stock and to improve long-term outcomes from investment.  This research received funding allocated from the West Midlands Housing Officers Group – Housing Research and Policy Programme and benefitted from a huge amount of time and support from a wide range of housing sector organisations.

The research areas are:

  1. Development of a West Midlands healthy homes new build standard for the financing of the delivery of high quality, energy efficient, healthy homes.
  2. Development of a West Midlands Smart Sustainable procurement model to improve value for money and long term outcomes from investment for Local Authorities and their partners.
  3. Development of a West Midlands Model for financing the refurbishment of existing homes to address fuel poverty and energy efficiency targets.

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