Circular Housing Asset Renovation & Management

CHARM Inspiration Days, 14-18 Sept 2020

A week of focused, free-to-attend daily sessions to inspire housing organisations, policy makers and communities. It will look at the circular economy in housing and how communities can develop new homes and retrofit existing homes with minimal impact on the planet.

Circular Housing Asset Renovation & Management (CHARM)

CHARM is about circularity in social housing construction and renovation: optimising the (re)use of materials and natural resources. No more downcycling.

SHAP is pleased to be a partner in the Interreg European-funded project, CHARM.

CHARM stands for Circular Housing Asset Renovation & Management. The project aims to reduce the amount of waste in the housing construction sector. The building sector is responsible for more than 60% of resource use in Europe, with more than 30-50% of material use taking place in the housing construction sector.

Project partners will be seeking to build a virtually plastic-free house alongside meeting some challenging recycling targets in Construction. In addition we are working on some Procurement Guidelines for a Circular Economy and a Material Exchange Platform.

INTRODUCTION: As part of its commitment to creating environmentally friendly homes, Accord Housing has won European Funding (Interreg NWE) for a trial to build 12 plastic-free houses. The European project, CHARM (Circular Housing Asset Renovation & Management), is a partnership with academic and social housing organisations in UK, Belgium, France and the Netherlands: thus providing contacts and opening up potential business opportunities in Europe for our suppliers.

One major issue for us in meeting our objective is the supply of a (virtually) plastic-free electrical insulator for the wiring in the new-build homes. We have launched an industry challenge to find suitable new innovative solutions, product(s) and supplier(s) using more natural materials or less plastic with two objectives. Read more…

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Unless we go to Circular it’s game over for the planet. It’s game over for society.”
‘Closing The Loop’ is the world’s first feature length documentary on the zero-waste / circular economy, supporting UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 on Responsible Production and Consumption.
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