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We are delighted to announce that SHAP has recently partnered with EEM; enhancing our offering to members. EEM is a not-for-profit procurement consortium set up to drive cost and efficiency savings in the public sector. Since 2010, EEM focussed on delivering comprehensive yet simplified procurement solutions, with a wide range of compliant, competitive and high-quality products and services.

EEM’s vision is to develop a collaborative working approach, which delivers the fullest possible range of organisational, financial and social benefits. This very much compliments SHAP’s ambition to accelerate the delivery and impact of net zero, by leading and promoting best practice on the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainable housing.

We will be working with EEM and our collective members to develop and deliver a comprehensive public sector procurement framework for Whole House Retrofitting for Zero Carbon Homes.

Using workshops, surveys and our combined expertise, we want to ensure that the framework structure and specifications meet the needs of our membership, to achieve their zero carbon goals whilst offering compliance, best practice, expertise, value for money and social value.

If you are interested in taking part in the workshops and sharing your experiences, expertise, needs and wants, contact and we will add you to the invite list.


Working with organisations of all sizes, SHIFT is a consultancy with a long track record in supporting organisations to develop their sustainability strategies and effective environmental reporting.  SHIFT has created a special product for SHAP – the Environmental Strategy Readiness Assessment; for organisations wanting to understand more about environmental benchmarking and understand how their performance compares to their peers, before potentially commissioning a full SHIFT assessment. 

The SHIFT Environmental Strategy Readiness Assessment is a bespoke report which reviews an organisation’s environmental performance, and is being offered to SHAP members for a fee of £500.

SHIFT has also prepared a briefing on how the SHIFT metrics cover all the ESG environmental requirements and also adaptation measures which are not yet in the current ESG proposed reporting methodology.  For retrofit planning specifically, SHIFT generally works with “virtual twin” software packages such as IRT DREam but can use any other tools such as Parity Pathways and Portfolio and Sava to help manage the data, extract costed net zero plans and develop detailed annual work packages.   Where an organisation prefers, SHIFT can still do similar work with spreadsheets!

SHIFT is relevant to Finance Directors looking for ESG data, Asset/Development Directors who have to develop environmental strategies, Sustainability/Energy Officers/Managers – for information and who can influence their decision makers.

SHIFT can provide carbon literacy overview training relevant for all staff, with brief facts and figures about UK housing emissions, what the benefits of having a net zero carbon housing stock will be.  This will put all staff in a position to interact positively with residents and to help implement the organisation’s decarbonisation plans. Sustainability/Energy officers/managers – will need to know how to do detailed calculations for compliance reporting. Surveyors/asset managers will benefit from rdSAP training to understand how the EPC assessments perform the calculation and sometimes may bring up surprising results.

For further information on the bespoke SHIFT Environmental Strategy Readiness Assessment please contact  This is an offer created by SHIFT for SHAP members.