Fuel Poverty Reports


29.5.19  SHAP ENERGY CAPITAL ERDF EVENTDevelopment of largescale fuel poverty programmes

This workshop looked at the opportunities for ERDF to support the delivery of low carbon housing innovation in projects to address fuel poverty ā€“ technology and operation

  • Decarbonisation of the grid
  • Training support to the supply chain
  • Emerging findings on how lifestyle and new technologies interact

The event was informed by WMCA Energy Capital, hosted by Daikin and part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.  Next steps are to establish working groups and to identify pilots that would be delivered to demonstrate characteristics of new designs for largescale fuel poverty projects.  These pilots could be eligible for ERDF grant, dependent on location and timescales.

SHAP WMCA ERDF Fuel Poverty Working Group – Agenda 29.5.19

Developing a West Midlands Fuel Poverty Programme M Rhodes

Decarbonization and role of HP- Daikin

Final WMCA SHAP ERDF EVENT 29 May 2019

12.4.19  SHAP ERDF FUEL POVERTY workshop:  Large scale retrofit programme design

The main purpose of this workshop was to explore the design of largescale retrofit programmes and the necessary conditions to support innovation including funding and better use of technology.  The presentations can be found here:

The context and opportunities WMCA SHAP ERDF EVENT 12.4.19 for ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) grant to test innovative approaches to developing low carbon housing programmes

Presentation by Matthew Rhodes, Chair, WMCA Energy Capital  M Rhodes Energy Capital Developing a West Midlands Fuel Poverty Programme 12.4.19 draft for comment

Presentation by Simon Kemp, Warmworks Scotland Warmworks presentation – 12 April 2019

SHAP Task and Finish Groups – 2013

2013 Evaluation of DECC Funded Projects Report

2013 – Evaluation of DECC Projects presentation -13-19 June-2013

2013 Smart Grids Paper