Invitation to join the SHAP Research Expert Panel 2018

(Published research outputs can be found under RESOURCES)

The research areas are:

  1. Development of a West Midlands healthy homes new build standard for the financing of the delivery of high quality, energy efficient, healthy homes. SHAP West Midlands domestic new build standard – ToR
  2. Development of a West Midlands Smart Sustainable procurement model to improve value for money and long term outcomes from investment for Local Authorities and their partners.   SHAP West Midlands smart sustainable procurement model – ToR
  3. Development of a West Midlands Model for financing the refurbishment of existing homes to address fuel poverty and energy efficiency targets.  SHAP West Midlands financial model for retrofitting existing housing stock – ToR

Get Involved in SHAP Research

You can apply (or nominate someone else) to join the continuing work of SHAP research groups:

  1. As a member of the research steering groups which guide the technical research programme and provide oversight and governance to ensure all funding conditions are met and research objectives are delivered.
  2. As a member of the expert panels, contributing time, expertise and information to inform the research and, in turn, benefitting from real time research findings.

A role on SHAP research groups provides real time access to emerging research.

Sustainable Procurement – we are specifically seeking input from business on experiences of early market engagement; responding to market demand for new products; the accreditation process; and barriers experienced with the current procurement standards and access to supply chains

New financial models for energy efficiency retrofit – we are specifically seeking input from business including the financial, insurance and investor sectors

New build performance standard – we are specifically seeking input from businesses throughout the supply chain with experience of delivering new homes beyond current building regulation requirements, including those procuring, installing and maintaining sustainable construction and low carbon technology products

Join the Steering Group or Expert Panel

If you are interested in being involved in any of the Steering Groups or Expert Panels, please email

Your Commitment

  1. Provide support throughout the duration of the research programme in your chosen role
  2. Attend at the Steering Group meetings or the Expert Panel member events
  3. Comment on documents which may be circulated in between meetings via email or post
  4. Contribute to discussions
  5. Treat everybody as an equal in the group, be tolerant of others’ experiences and perspectives and accept that while yours may be very different, no view is less valid than another
  6. Abide by the terms of reference and respect the rules of confidentiality

Research  Rationale

The research  is relevant to all housing tenure.

The research responds to the following priorities:

  • Supporting initiatives to address fuel poverty and links to health improvements through improving the energy efficiency of existing stock and promoting new performance standards for new build housing
  • Adding value by filling evidence gaps
  • Facilitating the exchange of best practice and developing initiatives relating to strategic housing matters.