Fuel poverty

Free webinar – an introduction to whole-house retrofit

A free webinar from SHAP delivered under the BEIS technical assistance programme for social housing decarbonisation.

Hosted by Phil Beardmore, SHAP, with guest speaker Janine Crockett of Sanctuary Housing Association. Janine will be sharing Sanctuary’s experience of delivering whole-house retrofit.

This webinar is aimed at social housing providers large and small, who are new to whole-house retrofit.

– what is whole-house retrofit and how does it differ from business-as-usual energy saving in housing?

– what baseline information on the energy performance of your homes is needed, and how can you get it?

– what is PAS 2035 and what does it mean for social housing providers?

– how do we measure success in whole-house retrofit?

– how can your supply chain help you to deliver whole-house retrofit?

– what skills and learning opportunities are there for your staff and supply chain?

– Q&A session

– The chance for you to talk about what technical assistance you need to help you deliver whole-house retrofit.

Book now!

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