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Press Release: Fuel Poverty Awareness Day

Friday 27th November 2020 is National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day.

The West Midlands Warm Home Save Lives (WHSL) Partners (Act on Energy, Marches Energy Agency and SHAP) will be doing all they can to raise awareness of the crisis of fuel poverty throughout the Marches.  Indeed, there is an urgent need for not only greater awareness but for greater action.

We would want to encourage Councils, organisations and individual people to support our aspirations to reduce the incidence of fuel poverty.  Furthermore, it is important to stress that bringing people out of fuel poverty, releases energy capacity for other economic sectors, as well as boosting demand for the people themselves as a consequence as they have additional money available to spend.  Ultimately, fuel poverty reduction should be recognised as an infrastructure capital investment.

The SHAP proposals ‘Warm Homes Save Lives’ have been developed by a focused group of sustainable housing experts, and will play a crucial part in helping the West Midlands tackle fuel poverty and create a scalable implementation model for other regions.

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